Our Mission

Our mission is to transform a home’s interior into a space that highlights each room and showcases its best features.  Making adjustments to ensure the best space allocation, we create a template for it to appear open, bright and welcoming.

Our combined experience in project management, certification in residential staging and years of interior design lend a wealth of knowledge and a multitude of capabilities.  This combined with our commitment to excellence has served well with customer satisfaction engaged at the forefront of each project.


Refined Design’s process begins with an assessment of the current state of your home or rental property and how best to facilitate a change for greater aesthetic appeal.  We preview each room to identify the visual elements in need of updating and provide insight on how to showcase your property’s best features.  Next, we finalize the three important contributing factors – the objective, timeline and budget.  While the objective and timeline may be a quick answer, often, the budget isn’t as easy to determine.  Should this be the case, we can help by completing a cost estimate worksheet for your project that includes estimates along with real costs.  This allows for you to prioritize with full transparency and create a project budget range that feels comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the scope of work is determined, we outline all services to be rendered and establish the window of time necessary to complete the work.

We do not add to the original cost of any product or service. We manage a budget spreadsheet through the process and provide all original receipts at final billing.

The goal is to get the attention of those searching online for a vacation home with photos that captivate your audience.  Creating an interior space that feels fresh, open, clean and current can generate greater rental revenue and repeat guests.  We work with a host of management companies that have shown an increase in both rental income and repeat reservations for the properties that have been renovated or updated.